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Video Training by The Leaders Edge

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Staying Connected

Want to get more referrals from your past clients, service partners, and valued contacts? There are lots of ways to stay connected and to stay top of mind. When they think of real estate they should think of you.


Communicating About Interest Rates

Many buyers are so fixated on mortgage rates that they forget all the other features that make up a mortgage contract. Bruce Joseph of Anthem Mortgage Group explains how helping your client choose the right product means forcing them to think about their future.

Choosing a Home Inspector

The home inspection plays an important part in almost every residential real estate transaction. Your buyers want peace of mind and your recommendation helps with that. What should a real estate salesperson look for when developing a relationship with a home inspector? And what should your clients expect from them?

Mortgage-Realtor Partnerships

Relationships between mortgage and real estate professionals can be incredibly powerful. Not only do they help get deals done, but they keep your clients happy and attached to you. In this video, Chris Leader speaks with Bruce Joseph of the Anthem Mortgage Group about how to set up a mortgage-real estate partnership that will benefit your business.

The Psychology Behind Handling Client Objections

No matter what industry you work in clients have objections. There are six clear steps you need to take that address the psychology behind those objections and help you close the sale. Do you know what the steps are and what to say? Watch this video to find out.

Sales Motivation Tip - Raising The Bar

People underestimate the impact their environment has on their success. Stretch outside your comfort zone by surrounding yourself with positive, successful people and a positive, successful lifestyle.




Keys to Success: Branding and Marketing

Amy Flowers, a past student of Leader's Edge Training and the force beind one of the top teams in Canada, talks about the importance of branding and marketing to her business. She explains how she invests 25% of her gross revenue back into her professional, integrated and consistent marketing program, how she hired marketing professionals, and the results she gets from it. 

Marketing on Your Social Networks

Shaun Nilsson of CityBlast joins Chris Leader to talk about how to use your social networks for marketing. If you don't want to put off your friends, family and business contacts then don't directly sell or market yourself. Treat social media like a social event - attract people to you with your knowledge and talk about topics of interest to other people.




Objection Handling Tip - "We want to sell it ourselves to save the commission."

You've made your presentation and they're still thinking of selling it themselves. There are many reasons you can give a potential "For Sale By Owner" for why they're better off listing with you. For one, it's difficult to separate prospects from suspects. Want to know the other reasons? Watch this video.

Handling Objections - "We Want to Interview Other Agents"

Wanting to interview other Realtors is sometimes a cover up for other objections, but if they just want to interview other people for the sake of comparison then what do you say? How do you get them to commit to you right now? Watch this video to find out.



When they ask: "Will You Cut Your Commission?"

Before you deal with commission questions you have to believe in your own worth. After that you need powerful techniques for explaining it to your clients. Watch this video to find out three clear ways to handle commission objections.


Real Estate Objection Handling - When They "Want to Try a Higher Price"



Sellers don't always understand the drawbacks of pricing their property high. There are at least four great ways to explain why pricing right is the way to go. Want to know what they are? Watch the video.

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Learn the secrets of lasting success in Real Estate Industry. Master sales fundamentals, lead generation, prospecting, personal marketing, listing and pricing strategies, objection handling, business planning, time management, contact management systems, client presentations and goal setting with Chris Leader.

Real Estate Training Fundamentals For Leading Salespeople

We are very excited to launch our new Virtual Training platform through our website at www.LeadersEdgeVT.com. This online training gives you instant access to the most advanced, interactive real estate sales training courses in the industry. You can access these exciting training courses from any computer, at any time, and learn at your own pace. Chris Leader, Master Trainer, has helped thousands of real estate professionals achieve amazing results and its your turn to shine.