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Ask For Referrals - Where Will You Be in 90 Days?

Studies show that the average person who buys or sells a house knows 3 to 7 people who will also buy or sell every single year. Knowing this, when do you feel is the best time to ask your current clients for a referral?

I find that most salespeople wait until the transaction is complete before asking and, while I understand the logic behind that, I would argue that there is a better time. From the moment you take a listing or begin working with a buyer, you’re already demonstrating value and hopefully differentiating yourself from your competition by showcasing your expertise.

Ask at the beginning of your relationship.

When you first sign a listing or start working with a buyer this is when your clients are likely to be the happiest. They’ve made a decision to work with you. They’re excited and hopeful. It’s the honeymoon phase!

Do Survey's with Your Existing Client Base.

Those agents in the office that started asking for Referrals back in January as their kick start for the year are also now reaping the benefits!   Reminder The 90 Day Rule!

What you do Today will Impact your Business in the next 90 days!  Where will you be in 90 days!

Sample Scripts
Mr. and Mrs. Buyer/Seller, as we go through this process, much like when you buy a new car and you start seeing that car everywhere, you’re likely going to start bumping into people who are also moving.
When you have these conversations, I’d appreciate if you would pass along my name to assist them. Rest assured, my team and I will take excellent care of them. Who do you know right now thinking of moving?
Don’t say anything else. Enjoy the silence. Sit there and wait for name.
Sample Script - Past Clients #2
Mr/Mrs Client, just touching base with all my clients to see if they had any questions about the real estate market and provide some predictions of where we are headed in the next year.   Did you know Treb predicts house prices to climb another 10 - 16% this year?   Its great news for home owners, even if you are not considering selling.
With inventory at the lowest point in 16 years, I was wondering if you knew of anyone thinking of buying and selling.
The average person will know 3 - 7 people that will be buying for selling this year.  I was hoping I could count on you to pass along my card?
Could I count on you to pass long my name to at least 2 - 3 people this year?
Not Comfortable Calling Your Past Clients?   Here is a Short Cut!
Hire one of our TeleMarketers ($15.00/hr) to call yoru past clients as part of a Customer Service Survey!
Yes - they can call for you.  Just provide us with a list!
Sample Survey Script or Customize Your Own:
Good Evening, this is Sarah from Sutton Realty.   We are conducting a brief 2 Minute Survey as a follow-up to the customer service you received from Ms. Housley.
Do you have a brief moment to help us?
1.  Where you pleased with the Overall Service You Received from Ms. Housely.
2.  Do you feel she had strong product knowledge.
3.  Would you Recommend Ms. Housley to Your Friends
(if yes - Ask, have you referred Ms. Housley to anyone in your circle of friends and associates.
4.  In one or 2 sentences could you comment on your overall experience working with Ms. Housley
Thank-you for your time.  Sutton Head office truly appreciates your comments.  Have a wonderful Evening
No excuses fior not touching base with your clients - Deligate the Duty -- Great way to update your client email list as well.

Tips On Asking For Referrals: Can I Offer a Gift?

  • The key to getting referrals is simply to Ask for Them.   
  • Where you happy with my service?  
  • Would you recommend me to your friends and family?
  • Who do you think will be next to make a move?
  • If you would send me a lead - not only will I provide them the best service possible, I always send a Thank-You gift for the referral.   
Don't say what that Gift would be (you have to be careful with reco -- you can't give 3rd parties a bird dog fee) but I always give a Thank-you Gift and it varies from client to client.

More Scripts

  1. Asking for Referrals from a Current Customer.

The situation: While you’re having positive business interactions with customers or clients, it's a great time to ask them to tell their friends and family about you.

Agent: “I have a favour to ask you, but only if you’re comfortable with it.”
Seller: “Sure, no problem”

Agent: “I’ve noticed that during the buying and selling process, most of my clients discuss the experience with their friends, family and people at work. Did you get a chance to chat with anyone?
Seller: “Oh yes – my friends and coworkers are asking every day if we’ve found our new home yet!”

Agent: “That’s great. During those conversations, has anyone you’re talking to mentioned that they are also thinking of buying or selling a property.”
Seller: “Yes most people seem to chime in with where they want to move to.”

Agent: “When that happens, I would really appreciate it you would tell the person about me and do you think you can get them to call me or give me their phone number?”
Seller: Sure, I’d be happy to do that

Agent: Great! You can confidently let them know I’ll get back to them right away. Your referrals mean a lot to me I would never keep them waiting.
Seller: That’s great. I really appreciate it.”


2. Ask for Referrals from Family and Friends. Make Sure to Add Them to Your Mailing List

The situation: You're at a family function or a gathering of friends—or maybe you've just run into an old buddy at the grocery store. When the topic turns to real estate or your job, it's a prime opportunity to remind that person you can provide top-notch service to people your friend knows.

Agent: “By the way, if anyone starts talking to you about an interest in buying, selling, or investing in a home, it would be really helpful if you’d tell them you have a friend who’s a great real estate salesperson and would love to help them. You know I’ll give them the extra attention that I give every one of my clients.”
Family/Friend: “Sure, I’ll do that.”

Agent: “Thanks. I really appreciate it. And if they’re interested, ask if it would be OK for me to give them a call to talk, will you?”
Family/Friend: “OK.”

Agent: “By the way, what are your real estate goals for the next year?”
Family/Friend: “Well, I’ve always wanted to buy a house to fix up, rent, and get some money coming in for my retirement.”

Agent: “That’s a great idea. This is a great time to find some terrific buys. Have you done anything about making that goal happen?”
Family/Friend: “Nothing yet. It’s just something I’ve been thinking about.”

Agent: “Are you on my mailing list? I send out a Real Estate Newsletter each month to keep my clients updated on what’s going on in the local market. Why don’t you text me your email address so you can take a look at my last update

OR – Alternate Version

Agent: “Why don’t you let me buy you breakfast on Saturday so I can tell you more about how market trends may work in your favour over the next year. You can also tell me more about what sort of property you want so that I can keep an eye out for a deal you might be interested in.”
Family/Friend: “That sounds great. It’s a date.”


3. Plant The Seed for a Future Referral.

The situation: You've just run into an old colleague or friend. Make small talk appropriate to the situation before you mention your business and ask for the referral.

Agent: “By the way, do you know I sell real estate? I’ve been doing it for [fill in the blank] years.”
Acquaintance: Oh really.

Agent: “I was just wondering if you've talked with anyone recently who might be interested in buying or selling a home?”
Acquaintance: “Hmmm, I can’t think of anybody off the top of my head.”

Agent: "That’s OK. But if you do hear of someone in the future, will you keep me in mind? I’d really like to get the chance to work with anyone you know who’s looking to buy or sell. Please just give me a call or drop me an e-mail if you hear of anything."
Acquaintance: “Sure, I’ll do that.”

Agent: “Just to make it easier for you to share my contact info when the subject comes up, may I give you a couple of my business cards?”
Acquaintance: “Sure.”


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