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Kitec Plumbing

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What is Kitec Plumbing

Kitec® is a brand of plastic piping used in hot and cold water supplies to plumbing fixtures, and in heating systems with boilers. It was made and used in many homes across North America from 1995 to 2007
Classaction Lawsuit
If you or your clients have Kitec® related issues, you may be reimbursed, in full or in part. Register with the class action website as a precautionary measure www.kitecsettlement.com
You have until 2020 to register.
As a settlement has already been entered into the total amount of money available to satisfy claims is already capped. Claimants are unlikely to receive anything close to their full costs of replacing the piping.
If you have Kitec plumbing, but have no yet had any damages due to the materials, you CAN still apply. Kitec is still defective even if it is still in tact. 
You can ask your lawyer or the team at Grechi Carter to help draft your registration for the lawsuit.

Bottom Line

Check the status certificate. If the common elements use Kitec, the reserve fund will be used for repairs. 

Seller Agents: Ask your seller if they are aware of Kitec Plumbing in their Unit/Building. If yes, refer the seller to their lawyer for legal advice. 

Buyer Agents: Buyer’s agents should always ask for warranties against Kitec® and recommend home inspections, even for condominiums.

Don’t double end units with Kitec®!

Kitec Plumbing Replacement

Howard Beckford

HMB Plumbing and Mechanical Ltd. 
Telephone: (416) 931-5970
Website: www.gtaplumbers.com 

Prices Approx * Prices may vary based on municipality 

Exclusive offer for property management:

  • Kitchen, bathroom and tub snaking of the branch line - $185.00
  • Fan coil condensate drain (K-30) - $150.00
  • Kitchen and bathroom stack (K-75 or K-65) - $275.00
  • Catch basin and sump drains (K-75) - $300.00


Exclusive offer for tenants:

  • Building main snaking - $375.00
  • Shower faucet replacement - $ 425.00
  • Toilet gaskets - $ 125.00
  • R-19 shut off valves - $95.00
  • Kitchen faucet labour - $150.00
  • Rough – brass strainer, P-Trap double sink, parts and labour - $350.00
  • P-Trap single sink parts and labour - $225.00
  • Face basin P-Trap and PO plug replacement - $175.00


*All prices above are + HST

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