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Setting up your Real Estate Business on Google Places and Google Maps

What is Google Places? 

Google Places is a FREE service that allows you to create a Business Directory listing and a marker with your Google map location.

Your Google Places profile provides your contact information, your address, your logo or photo and even a video and description. It also links to your website. Please watch the video below to see the benefits you get with Google Places!


Setting up your Google Places account

To set up your Google places account, you will want to set aside at least 15 minutes. You do not have to add everything at once. You can ad more later.

1. Go to
http://www.google.com/places/            Click GET STARTED

To sign up for Google Places, you have a choice:
a) Sign in with another Google email address or other google account user/password that you already use
b) Use another email address and create a new password.

Scrol below to see how to sign up with Google Places, with or without an existing Google account!

A. Signing up for Google Places using your existing Google Account 




B. Signing up for Google Places without a Google Account