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Effective Mail-Outs / Postcard

Why Do You Want to Farm an Area With Mailouts? Establish yourself in a community where you are getting calls from potential sellers. 

What Makes an Effective Mailout or Postcard?

1. Graphics that stand out
2. Larger size: 5.5 x 8.5
3. Have a call to action -- Why are they calling on your postcard and not John Smith's?
4. Give direction, tell them what to do: call / text / email you? Visit your website?
5. Relevent information - Monthly Newsletter with updates on their community
Start with 3 touchpoints a month for the first 3 months. (Mailouts / Postcards/ Door Knock / Cold Calling).
7. Do what you can afford so you can do it consistantly. 


SAMPLE 1:   Market Report


SAMPLE 2: Call to Action

SAMPLE 3: Just Sold - Need More Buyers 


Marketing Options

Eprint Agent: https://eprintfast.com/ca_en/agent.html


Morris Real Estate Marketing Group http://www.morrismarketinggroup.com/

Canada Post Helpline

CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1-877-683-5895
WEB: Canada Post

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