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Tom Ferry Real Estate Coaching

Tom Ferry is the CEO of Tom Ferry International, a Real Estate Coaching and Training Company. Tom is named the #1 Real Estate Educator by Swanepool Power 200 and is the best-selling Author of Life! By Design. 

Our Sutton Training Department has collected some of our favourite resources and workbooks from Tom Ferry's Winter Success Pack.  These are FREE to Sutton Agents!  

Come back every week or Download everything at once! You choose your pace. Call the office if you would like to join a discussion workshop on this package. 

1) 2017 Business Plan

Put more money in your bank account next year!


With the Tom Ferry agent business plan you’ll discover what real estate activities you must do daily and weekly to achieve your goals.

We all know that “When Performance Is Measured, Performance Improves" and that’s why we created our 15-page, Business Plan.


  •   KPI 3 Year Analysis
  •   Vision Statement
  •   Transaction Results / Goals
  •   Systems & Business Improvements for Growth
  •   Business & Personal Expenses
  •   Breakthrough Self Analysis

We know for a fact that when an agent has an easy to create and well thought out business plan that it will help them run their real estate practice like a business. 

That’s why we highly encourage you to take the time right now and complete your plan today!

1) Download the Business Plan

Tom Ferry Editable Business Plan

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2) Marketing Plan

This plan is simple in nature and has proven to work for individual agents and teams providing stronger returns on their investments.

Get your marketing activities under control with this step-by-step guide including sample plan cheat sheet!

Success comes from innovation and marketing.

Innovation makes it easier for the customer to do business with you, and it’s vital to stand out from the competition in the marketplace.

The second you stop marketing, you’re out of business.

After years of witnessing agents struggle to make their marketing efforts consistent and track their results we have developed an easy solution to implement that will allow you to get the ROI you expect.

Keep marketing to make sure you’re getting your share of the business!

2) Marketing Plan

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3) What To Do When There Is No Inventory

Special Report - How to Outlist The Competition

1 Introduction
2 Where Did All the Inventory Go?
3 How to Get Listings When There’s No Inventory
4 How to Create Your Own Inventory
5 You Can’t Afford Not to Qualify!
6 Mastering Pre-Listing Appointments
7 Smart Pricing Strategy
8 Win More Listings without Compromising Commission
9 Getting Into Action

4) Pre-Listing Dialogue Scripts

Sample Script: 

Prequalifying Your Listing Appointment Dialogue & Universal Pre-Qualifyer Dialogue


5) Reverse Commission Pyramid

6) ABC's of Building Your Database

Think you have no one else to add to your Database? Think Again!   Here are 100 questions designed to jog your memory. Numbers 20-25 may surprise you! 

7) Dialogue for Door Knocking For Sale By Owners

Sample script for door knocking at For Sale by Owner properties.  "Zillow" is an american company, but the script is universal and can easily be applied to FSBOs.