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In-House Real Estate Lawyer - Sutton Discounts




In-House Lawyer to Answer all Your Questions!  

Sarah Razzouk
Phone:  905-232-1095 Fax: 905-232-1096
email:  srazzouk@razzouklaw.ca
Has locations at both 1542 Dundas St West, Mississauga and 2186 Bloor Street West, Toronto

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LockBox Information Form

LockBox Information Form for Clients

New 2018 Trade Record Sheet

2018 Trade Record Sheet (Editable PDF)

Ontario New Lease Agreement Training

Click here to go to the New Form and Meeting Notes

Utilizing The Monthly Newsletter

Sutton University

Facebook and Back at You Media

Back to Basics with Sutton - Master The Sutton Secrets

This Session will help Agents with the Basics of Sutton Systems - Exclusive to Our Office

1. Logging into Front Desk - Do you Really Know All the Amazing Tools we offer?
2. Utilizing our Month E-Newsletters and Print Newsletters
3. Taking Advantage of the Free Sutton Facebook App
4. Taking Advantage of the Powerful Sutton.com website - Did You Update Your Profile?
Its free advertising and will increase Your Rankings!
5. Are you reviewing our Free "For Sale By Owner Lists" 
6. Do you Know about our Free Feature Sheet Templates and Sample Letters?

Come join our fast paced session, so you are not missing out on any Free Marketing Materials at your disposal.

Sutton Realty Mississauga Office Opening Next Door

Fresh New Look For The Fall!

Tom Ferry - Geographic Farming

Here are some cool ideas on Geographical Farming as well as tips to hunt down more listings!

 Don't Forget to Check out our FSBO List!   Great Source of Leads too!
Fresh For Sale By Owner Listings posted every week.   We do all the work, scan kijiji, craigslist, private seller sites, newspapers
to bring you all the FSBO's on one page!
Click the link:

Tom Ferry 2017 Business Plan + Video

2017 Business Plan Workbook From Tom Ferry * FREE Download and How To Video *

If you have not started on a Business Plan for 2017 Here is a GREAT workbook to help you get on the right track! Courtesy of Tom Ferry and Your Sutton Office, this advanced Business plan is editable and interactive. It will automatically manipulate the data as you enter in your goals. 

Watch The Easy to Follow Video!
Download the Inveractive Workbook
Click Here

Photo Days at ColourTech

Need a Headshot? Colour Tech is having Photo days at their Mississauga Location $74.99 / person

1 High Res photo is included. http://www.colourtech.com/photodays/

An appointment is required and payment is due at that time.
Please call Josie at 905-820-6566 (1-800-410-4510) to reserve your spot.

New Client Discount: Realestatelawyers.ca


How to Use WebForms - Meeting Notes

October 4th and 5th Webforms and Digital Signatures Training

Click here to download the notes

New TREB Feature: Collaborate - Webinar

Complimentary Collaborate Webinar

What does Collaborate offer to you and your clients?

  • You'll be able to set your clients up with custom searches, and they'll have the option to be notified in real time about new listings.
  • Your clients can register to create and save their own searches.
  • Your clients can send you comments and like/dislike notifications for properties. You'll see if their wants change and you'll be able to respond quickly with revised searches.
  • You'll be notified via email about how your clients are using Collaborate.
  • You can search listings regardless of the device you're using.


Register For The Webinar Here: https://goo.gl/Dup91o

Tax Tip

Income Tax Calculator  

*** My Fav for double checking my tax bracket during the year - Plus checking if I should buy RRSPs: https://simpletax.ca/calculator

Don't Be A Secret Agent

How to Reach a Massive Audience with Digital Marketing
Tom Ferry - Your Coach
Are you reaching a large enough audience with your marketing efforts? In today’s episode I’m opening up my playbook and sharing the marketing strategy that fuels the success of the #TomFerryShow.

Key Tactics to Raising Reach, Awareness, and Engagement!

Be Authentic 

Be human … “speak” in a conversational tone, in the language that’s native to the channel.  For example, Twitter is a conversation in 140 characters, Instagram is visual, Facebook can be a longer post with images.  

2. Consistency

Consistency is everything to building trust with your audience. For example, the #TomFerryShow comes out every Tuesday.  

3. Respond and Engage

Show that you’re listening and appreciate all engagements.  Be sure that you are responding to your clients within 24 hours. Even if it is just liking their comment. 

4. Quality and Good Marketing

It’s your brand! How do you want to represent yourself and your business?

The Best FREE Tools

1. HootSuite or Buffer for scheduling

Scheduling tools like Hootsuite or Buffer are great for advanced planning.  However, it’s important to stay time relevant and review scheduled posts often.  Personally, I’m not a big fan of scheduled posts but I also have a team behind me supporting the social efforts.   

2. Bitly for tracking and shortening

Bitly allows you to shorten your links and track where traffic is coming from. Knowing where your social reach is coming from helps you maximize your execution of multi channel marketing plan. 

  • Know the number of clicks on each link
  • Which social platform visitors came from
  • Which day received most clicks

3. Mailchimp for email marketing

Mailchimp is one of the simplest Email Marketing programs for small businesses.  

4. Google Analytics 

Google Analytics gives you data into where your web visitors are coming from, how long they are staying, which pages have the most traffic and much, much more!They also offer a simple online certification to help you master setting up your account and analyzing the data.

Preview Sutton Realty's Blog

Looking for content to post on your Facebook and Website?

We blog about Market Stats, your listings, condo developments and fun decorating tips. Once you click on the blog title, you will be taken to a permanent page with links to share the blog post on your websites and social media!

Direct Link: http://www.suttonrealty.com/blog/12926/

Commercial Real Estate Training - Basics






If you are interested in Commercial Real Estate Sales, this video includes some good basic tips to consider. Keep in mind that it is an American trainer, and some points would need to be converted to the Canadian market. 

Tip of the Week - Fintrac Requirements

Use the NEW 801 Form with All Offers

Copies of All Offers with Form 801 are to be Faxed to :    

Or Emailed to 

Need an 801 Form or Office Schedule B - visit www.SuttonSchedules.com

Do Not Send Copies to our General Fax Number of Office Email so we can keep these forms Separate and Easily Accessible when Reco Calls.

** IF YOU ARE THE LISTING AGENT **  Give Instructions to Agents where you would like them to send Form 801.

Please ensure you Add a Note in the Brokerage Comment Section of your Listing.    Please have offers emailed to Your Email Address or Personal Fax - then FORWARD a copy to the Above for the Brokerage.

READ THIS CAREFULLY!  Understand what info is being disclosed – its not as transparent as you think.

RECO will only disclose the number of written offers received to the person who requested it.

RECO will not release any detail regarding the offers, or identify the people who made the offers.

So if you are the Listing Rep, do not get fooled into thinking you must disclose the names of those Agents with offers.   You still have a duty to Privacy. 




How to Use Agent Virtual Office

We are proud to announce a huge upgrade on Sutton's virtual office. The new version is easier to use and includes features to help better serve you. (ie: track showing feedback, and view appointments on your listings) 


Toronto Zoning Information

Need more information about Toronto Zoning? Click below for the official report and video from TREB that will make you a zoning genuis.


Quick Links





Check Out Our Stats! Perfect to add to a CMA or Hand Out At an Open House

 Just click the photo to download the pdf!




Forms, Updates, Offers, Telephone Numbers


  Ez Offer Updates
Upon Completing
Installing EZ Offer.
Must Download The

.....   Schedule B .......
Must Be Attached To
ALL Offers. Interest
Clause On Deposits And
CVA Clause On it

......... Fintrac .......
Rules And Legislation
Regarding Money And
Deposits. We DO NOT
Accept Cash.

 Collateral Agreement
If I Sell The Listing Myself
(Doesn't Have To Be Dislosed
On TREB ONLY When There Is
An Offer)

 Retrofit Clause
Necessary Clause
If The Basement Is
NOT Legal

  Buyer Represenation
To Accompany Buyer

  Sellers Net Sheet And
Mortgage Verification

Must Have When The
Seller May Not Have
Enough Equity To Close

FSBO Packages For Clients
FSBO Reports


 Click Here For The New Trade Record Sheets

Word Format
PDF Format

 Agent Website Providers

First Draft of FSBO Report - Explaining Costs of Selling Privately




Click On The Picture For The Full Report FSBO Report to hand to your clients who are thinking of Selling on their own.

Help them with the stats - they will end up listing with you!