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David Carter
Grechi & Carter LLP
Called to the bar: 2012 (ON)

503-55 Eglinton Ave E Toronto Ontario M4P 1G8 
Phone: (416) 900-3865 ext 102   Fax: (647) 494-9758
Email: davidcarter@gclaw.ca

If you have a RECO Case - he specializes in Reco Complaints.

Harry Perlis
Mitchell, Bardyn & Zalucky LLP
3029 Bloor St W 200
Toronto ON M8X 1C5
phone: 416-234-9111

fax: 416-234-9114


Reginald L. Bent
Court Advocate

Licensed by The Law Society of Upper Canada Paralegal #P04491

Landlord & Tenant • Small Claims • Municipal By-Laws • Traffic Tickets

2 Larkdale Terrace  Brampton ON L6R 1W5

Telephone 416-564-3125





These guys have a mobile service that will drive to your clients home for Free!


Have you noticed that Lawyers are not always excited about helping us with tenant issues or small claims matters.    Therefore we must have some alternative methods of helping our clients.
Here are a couple of paralegals we have used in the past:
Landlord and Tenant Issues:
Jeff Shabes
Over 25 year of experience ... and he deals solely with Landlord and Tenant Issues.  
Sample Case:
Eviction of Tenant based on non-payment.  Charges about $325.00 plus disbursements.
Small Claims Issues:
David Conway
Charges about 35% of money received.   That's right - he doesn't charge money upfront - but takes a percentage of the money that is actually received in hand.
Will try and mediate and negotiate at the Pre-Trial which might be a better route for all concerned.
Example:   Suing a Seller for $7,000 on a shortfall of commission x 35% = $2,450.00 - only if he collects.  Its not just a matter of winning a case - its also a matter of actually collecting the money.   Not as easy as you think ... so this is a good alternative.
Keep these numbers handy.

The office uses several lawyers --- and we are required to provide 3 lawyers if asked to clients:

We are not recommending lawyers, however these are a few we have used in the past.


Douglas M. Davidson
Next door to the Dundas office

Called to the bar: 1973 (ON)


200-1552 Dundas St. W. Mississauga, ON, L5C 1E4
Phone: (905) 279-3330   Fax: (905) 279-2735

M. E. Weir, Q.C.
near Sq.1 - does real estate plus development work (zoning)

Called to the bar: 1960 (ON); Q.C. 1974 (ON)


710-1290 Central Pkwy. W. Mississauga, ON, L5C 4R3
Phone: (905) 279-7930 Ext:222   Fax: (905) 279-3421



Suite 202, 2 St. Clair Avenue East Toronto, Ont. M4T 2T5
Phone: (416) 961-3441   Fax: (416) 961-1045

Teaches continuing education for TREB and OREA approved providers for a number of years. Last year had his book titled, LEGAL RESPONSIBILITIES OF REAL ESTATE AGENTS published and is available through the publisher or through the TREB bookstore.  He would be pleased to conduct one or more seminars for realtors. There are credit and non-credit seminars.  If interested, call him to find out what the seminars are and to make the necessary arrangements.

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