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Real Estate Agent Photos and Headshots

Colour Tech - Mississauga

2017 Promo - Colour Tech is having a Photo day each day of the month in their Mississauga Location. $74.99 for 20 poses and 1 high resolution photo.   Call Josie to reserve your spot 905-820-6566


Toronto Portrait Photographer

Toronto Portrait Photographer 416-362-5558


Jagged Lens - Markham Real Estate Photographer

Located in Markham - This company provides a brighter, more "airbrushed" effect. 647-203-4177


Tips for Photos

Typically, you will only ever need 1-2 images or poses.
Important: Please Make sure you choose a package with a High Resolution, Transparent PNG image included. A Jpeg is not enough. 
You may be asked if you need to hire a designer to purchase a "banner" as well. However most website providers super-impose your photos into a banner for you (as part of your website set up fee) so you do not need to choose this option.
Getting Ready
  • All your clothes should be pressed without any fold marks.
  • Do not wear clothes with logos
  • Drink lots of water to stay hydrated
  • Get a good night's sleep