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Signs For New Listings and Open Houses

Ordering Signs is a 2 Step Process.

1.  Order Sign Faces

2.  Decide if you are ordering Sign Frames at the same time or if you will use another company to errect your Frame and you simple clip on your sign face.

Most agents are busy or they don't like messing around in bad weather so they simply order
Sign Faces and give them to a Sign Post Company and let them install.


Companies to order your Sign Faces:


Signs In the Making

Contact: Bob Fife
Phone: 416-406-0002/1-800-41-SIGNS (74467)
Fax: 416-406-2223


Showroom / Retail Outlet – 3 Locations to better serve you
  1. 225 Industrial Pkwy S. #18
    Aurora, ON L4G 3V5
  2. 867 O’Connor Dr.
    Toronto, ON M3H 6A7
  3. 5080 Timberlea Blvd #22
    Mississauga, ON L4W 4M2
Specializes – Residential, Exterior, Interior, Commercial, Custom, Riders, Accessories, Vehicle Graphics, etc.

Centre Core

 Phone: 905 693 8700 or Email: orderdesk@centrecoresigns.com
Click Here for the Sutton Group Catalogue http://www.centrecoresigns.com/catalog_new/index.php?cPath=1_7

Once you have Ordered Your Sign Faces -- the easiest thing is to Hire another Company to errect your Sign Posts or Frames.   You can call one of these companies below.
Some Companies will actually store your sign faces for you, this way they can put up your sign face and post at the same time for you : ) 


Post To Post

Phone : 416-999-9666 Order Form : http://www.posttopost.ca/form.html
Pricing Info: http://www.posttopost.ca/2.html

List 2 Close Sign Posts  -- $38 to Install and Remove 

Milton - Burlington - Oakville - and West Mississauga

Phone: 416-873-8381


Here is Another Company that will install your signs.



Hamilton - Stoney Creek - Ancaster - Dundas - Grimsby - Beamsville - West Lincoln

Here's a company that will install and remove your signs 

Phone: 1-844-776-7678


Did You Know ..?


Did Your Know. . . . .  ?  

v      For Sale signs shall not be erected on municipal property (i.e. on the boulevard between the side walk and street curb).  

v      ‘Open House’ signs shall not be placed on medians (island in the middle of the road), side walks or near bus stops.  

v      ‘Open House’ signs shall only be put up during the duration of the open house and immediately removed  upon completion.  

v      The same rule applies to the ‘Garage Sale’ signs, please advise your clients.  

v      House For Sale ‘directional arrows’ are also prohibited (often seen on street corners and municipal property).  

v      ‘Sidewalk Signs’ (i.e agent on duty etc.) can be erected close to the building but not obstruct pedestrians & must be removed daily.  

v      According to the City of Mississauga By-Law Enforcement Office , the patrolling officers will automatically remove these illegal signs (even on weekends). 

v      Confiscated signs can be retrieved, but the cost is $200.00 plus other related charges (daily storage charges, cost of removal etc.). 

For more information, please call (905) 615-4046.