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 All-In-One CRM Solution.

Our Sutton Office Has Partnered With a Leading CRM Provider!
Take advantage during holiday downtime and prep for the new year!

Every agent should have a Client Relationship Management System no matter how big or small your contact list. A great CRM is your personal virtual assistant! Save time, become better organized and capture new leads.

Ixact is an intergrated CRM, Email Marketing and Website Soloution specifcally for Realtors to: 

  • Organize your client data base
  • Automated Reminders for keep-in-touch calls, follow ups, and move-in anniversaries 
  • Automated Lead Capture 
  • Powerful Personalized and Automated Email Marketing "Set-it-And-Forget-It" System
  • Advanced email campaign reporting 
  • FREE Mobile Realtor Websites 
  • Easy to use App for apple and adroid users! 
  • Clear and Simple to follow Online Tutorials. 

Exclusive VIP deal to Sutton Group Realty Systems Agents: 5-Week Free Trial Plus VIP Pricing.