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Real Net Training Reports and Videos

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Real Net Statistics - PDF Report

In case you missed the 1st Quarter 2013 Real Net Webinar - below is the Presentation in PDF format - Full of statistics and charts.

Real Net Webinar Notes for First Quarter 2013
Report in Pdf Format
Professional Development - New Homes and Condos
Become a local market expert and build strong relationships with local builders
Sell Properties and Complete Mandates
Find a new Home for a Client
New Homes and Condos - Valuation
Pricing a New Home Assignment or Adding Perspective to a Resale Home
New Homes and Condos - Consultation
Evaluate Investment Opportunities for Prospects or Clients
New Homes and Condos - Develop New Business
How to Market Active Condo Projects to Prospects and Generate Referrals
New Homes and Condos - Services Clients
How to Stay on your Clients Minds so they Think of You First
New Homes and Condos - Negotiation
How to Negotiate the Best Price for Your Clients
Real Net New Homes Definitions and Terminology

Search New Homes Video Tutorial - Searching the New Home Data Base


Commercial Video Tutorial - Searching the Commercial Data Base