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Hamilton / Burlington and Oakville / Milton Boards

Have you noticed more Toronto Agents out in the Country? More of your clients looking for affordable housing outside the GTA. Time to start getting familiar with these areas. 

Our office is getting calls from clients out in Hamilton - Grimsby - Etc. They are looking for 416 agents because they think we are more aggressive! You bet we are, and our Sutton Office is a Full Member of 3 Boards.  

  • How much does it cost to Interboard?
  • What paperwork is needed to Interboard?
  • Navigating the Oakville/Milton and Hamilton/Burlington Boards
  • Map search
  • Setting up a client as a prospect through the office
  • Should you join a second board yourself?

Prospect Searches

Now that you understand the basic workings of searches - we can help you add your client under the Prospect Search.

Clients Email Address
Area (Neighbourhood)
Community is optional

You will not get a copy so we must do the same search entry all over again with your name as the Prospect and we will send them to you in Broker Full.

This all takes time therefore an admin fee will apply starting at $25.00 - it is more difficult and timely than most people realize.   But it still saves you thousands from joining the board if you only have 1 or 2 clients a year.

You are here today to understand what searches can be made to streamline adding a Prospect Search


Lets Begin Our Search

Hamilton / Burlington Board tracks its members by their IP Address.  If you share your code it is very easy for them to find out especially if you are logged in at a Mississauga location at 4 p.m. and at 4:30 you are logged in via a Toronto Location.

$33,000 Was the Last Fine issued for sharing your codes.

How Hamilton Board searches work.  

Log - in - www.fusion.starrs.ca

Go to Tutorials


Navigating a Map and Performing a Search - View the Tutorials to get comfortable with what you can do.



Looking at the Statistics - Finding Affordability

If you had a client looking to go West as their Budget was $500,000 max for a Detached House - Where would you head?

About the Hamilton Board

Hamilton Board has excellent Statistics ... You can Join the Board or Interboard a Listing Through Treb for approximately $100.00 which has some agents thinking about joining as a Full Member.

Having Access to 2 Boards does Add Prestige

Lets Check out some of their Benefits and Costs to Join


Oakville Board

More Oakville agents seem to be transfering to TREB.

Only 329 Sales were reported by the oakville board in April - agents do not want to be affixed to only the oakville only board. More are switching over to TREB since it is too expensive to pay for both.


Membership Fees 

Map Search - the Oakville Board recently added PDF maps to their system, they are not the best but it is a start! You can download them below.


Oakville Map

Notes From TREB on Interboarding

Step 1 is to Load the Listing on TREB
Oakville Interboards:
DO NOT email Oakville the paperwork directly. Send an email to outgoinginterboard@trebnet.com and attach ONLY:
  1. Completed MLS Data sheet for Oakville 
  2. Copy of TREB Listing (PDF format)
  3. Credit card form
In the email to TREB advise them that you will be sending only the photos directly to Oakville email: info@omdreb.on.ca.
Hamilton Interboards (RAHB):
Email paperwork and photos directly to Hamilton Board. Email mls@rahb.ca with Interboard as the subject line or fax to 1-905-529-6636.  
Send ONLY: 
  1. Completed MLS Data sheet for Hamilton Board  
  2. Copy of TREB Listing (PDF format)
  3. Credit card form
Attached are the instructions for Both boards from TREB. 
Any further questions about interboarding or what to do with other boards, please call TREB at 416-443-8126.