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Seller Marketing Flyers

Sutton Systems reports are usually provided in MS Publisher or Word Format.   If you don't have both programs feel free to utilize our office computers.   

Whenever possible we suggest using our MS Publisher flyers over a WORD document.

Sellers Feedback System - Word Format
Some of your clients may not realize we have an Automated Showing and Feedback System. It's a great marketing tool and time saver for you! Each listing on TREB has an "on-line appt feature". In addition within 24 hours of a showing, our staff automatically sends any agent showing your listing a Thank-You letter for selecting our property and a request for feedback. Through our office website you can log in and check any feedback from agents or their clients and inform your sellers. Increased communication! Sellers love it.
Internet Marketing - 3 Pages in MS Publisher Format - The BEST VERSION
This file has all three flyers covering Sellers Feedback, More Than a Virtual Tour and Internet Marketing on the World Wide Web. We always suggest using MS Publisher for best results with our flyers. Publisher is much easier to personalize and print.
Better than a Virtual Tour - 1 page Word Format
This is an effective marketing tool that visually shows a Seller how you can Show Case their Home with our "Better than a Virtual Tour" mini movie of their home and nearby area. It also offers an economical Slide Show alternative for those Sellers that opt for our Gold Commission package versus the Platinum Service. To open this file you will require WORD, however, we always recommend using our Publisher formats whenever possible.
Power of the Internet - 1 Page in Word Format
A visual aid highlighting some of the internet exposure a Seller can receive when listing with Sutton Systems. If you're not sure how all this internet stuff works : ) Please let us know and you can join us for our next office meeting. This is a WORD document. As usual we always recommend downloading our flyers in MS Publisher whenever possible - it's just so much easier to personalize. (This flyer is also available in Publisher format)

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