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Print out these instructions first!  
Installation of theUpdated 2011 "Z" Clause Library - Office Clauses
1.  Please ensure that you disable your anti-virus program when you try and install any new programs if possible.   There has been difficulty lately with Norton's as it is being extra protective and not copying this file correctly 100% of the time.
2.        E-Mail yourself  the EzOffer clauses below. 
Once you get the e-mail locate
the attachment at the very bottom of the e-mail (you'll see a little paperclip beside it) and
the Clauses.ezf attachment
A new window will open up. 
Click on Save to disk and press OK

3. Then you need to save - to do this ...
Locate your C:  drive
Find Your Program File Folder as

Scroll through until you find the
REAGENCY Folder - that's the ezOffer Program itself.
                                                                        4. Double Click on your REAGENCY folder.
Now you will see your
easyOFFER Folder.
Click the EasyOFFER folder 'ONCE"
so that it is highlighted in BLUE.
Now Click Open at the Bottom
of the Window.
You "might" be told this file already exists, do you want to continue.  Choose YES.
To verify just open EzOffer.   Ensure that the top blue banner says EzOffer 2011.  Then try and create an offer and scroll down to the clauses field and click on add.
The window that appears should have the new library Z Clauses.
If you have these choices then the download has worked - Congratulations!
example shown here.

Double Click Your
Program File Folder
and a list of all your other programs will appear.