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Clients Get Hourly Listing Updates with Treb's Buyer Agency Registry

So you have a Buyer Agency Agreement in place - but you normally don't register your clients on Treb?
Here is one good reason to input their name into the Buyer Agency Registry!
Get Multiple Updates Daily!
Your clients can receive updates on ALL New Listings in their Criteria
or every Six Hours - its Up to you how you set them up in the system!
Don't have your clients visit other people's sites! Provide them new listings every hour so they are not surfing the net finding their own product OR getting disappointed their missed out on a dream listing!
By signing a Buyer Agency with me, I will ensure you get updates every hour. Any new listings that appear on our system will be emailed to you immediately - that could give you a 48 - 72 hour head start on viewing new listings before they hit realtor.ca or any other site in the market place!

Buyer Registry Video Training:

TREB VIDEO: http://edu.torontomls.net/brs/brs_etraining.htm

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More Tips Below - More Buyer Agency Forms at the Bottom of this page.

Buyer Agency Video Training

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CMHC Increases Insurance Fees

Effective June 1, 2015, the mortgage loan insurance premium rate for loans between 90.01% and 95.00% loan-to-value ratio will increase by approximately 15%. For the average Canadian homebuyer who has less than a 10% down payment, the higher premium will result in an increase of approximately $5 to their monthly mortgage payment. This is not expected to have a material impact on housing markets. The premium schedule will be as follows:
Loan-to-Value Ratio
Total Loan Amount
Increase to Loan Amount
Up to and including 65.00%
65.01% to 75.00%
75.01% to 80.00%
80.01% to 85.00%
85.01% to 90.00%
90.01% to 95.00%
90.01% to 95.00% (Non-traditional Sources of Equity)


Free downloads From CMHC

Visit:  http://www.cmhc.ca/en/co/buho/index.cfm  to get a FREE PUBLICATION DOWNLOADS or order bookletS from CMHC to hand out to your clients.

Great at Open Houses.   If you are holding a Home Buyers Seminar - contact CMHC and let them know you would need multiple copies.

Buyer Agency Forms

Buyer Agency Agreement
A contract binding Client and Realtor for a certain number of dates and a geographical location. This ensures the agent gets paid even if the client decides to go with someone else after signing this agreement,
Buyer Agency Data
This form must be accompanied with the Buyer Agency
Fintrac- Individual Client Identification Form
This must be filled out. Missing this form can cause hefty fines for the brokerage and the realtor. This form is mandatory for the federal government.
Fintrac - Receipt Of Funds
When your client is purchasing a property, this form must be accompanied with your paperwork. This again is for the federal government to ensure that the deposit is not fraudulent or laundered. Missing this form can cause a hefty fine for the realtor and the brokerage.
Buyer - Customer Service Agreement
When a client signs this form, not everything has to be disclosed to the Buyer. Last Option Only Use In A Case of An Emergency
Working With A Realtor
A contract between the realtor and the client. Understanding that the Realtor has the client's best interest.
Buyer Registry Work Book
Here is a step by step guide on how to utilize the Treb Buyer Registry System