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Dear Sutton Group Realty Systems

Many of you reported to us that messages sent to Bell users (@txt.bell.ca) are leaving the Queue, but the agents are not receiving them. When messages are leaving the Remote Pager, there is nothing you or we at Emphasys can do. The issue is related to agents provider or configuration of their account.

Last month, Bell sent a notification to all their users. One of our support team members received this e-mail and forwarded to us recognizing the symptom: She stopped receiving her regular e-mails including her monthly bill notifications. To resolve the problem, she just had to follow instructions provided by Bell.

In the e-mail, Bell announced upgrading their email service. "To continue to enjoy your email account" they asked their clients to follow the link to prepare for the upgrade.


Feel free to forward this link to agents subscribed with Bell, in case they still don't receive messages sent by Commander.

Most of providers including Telus became super protective and blocking e-mails that look to them suspicious as SPAM. If your agents are not receiving messages that were sent, they should contact their service provider and ensure that the mail@suttonappointments.com e-mail address is not blocked for their account.

Thank you

Product Manager