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Advertising Your Listings - An Open House Option

As our agents are aware the Office does it's best to advertise your property in as many places as possible.

In an effort to increase traffic at our Open houses ... we found another spot to advertise ... through Canoe Canada and Toronto Sun.   

Why not take a minute and give it a try.   It will only make your sellers more happy? 

Click here to get started - use the Free On-Line Only Option:   https://goo.gl/wxGSNA



Here is a copy of their logo if you wish to add it to your Marketing Page.

toronto sun logo

Other Places We Advertise

Our Agents are the Best!   Your Listings are Exposed to the Max!

While we try and post to as many sites as possible - not all above sites are applicable to your property and we cannot guarantee every single site.  Agents are encouraged to post ads as well.

We are continously posting to various social media outlets --- but encourage agents to also post to their own social media sites so your sellers see: